Big Fella | 1937 | Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch

Big Fella | 1937 | Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch

Magnificent singing actor Paul Robeson exerts his relaxed charm as a Marseilles dockworker who comes across a little boy who has run away from his wealthy parents. The child so enjoys being with Robeson and his chanteuse friend Elizabeth Welch that he threatens to cry kidnap should the grown-ups try to return him.

The great Paul Robeson, a superlative actor/singer and African-American activist, was tragically forced to find work outside the United States because of his native country’s racism and political repression; however he quickly became much loved in the UK.

Paul Robeson as Joe
Elisabeth Welch as Amanda ‘Manda’
Roy Emerton as Spike
James Hayter as Chuck
Lawrence Brown as Corney
Eldon Gorst as Gerald Oliphant
Marcelle Rogez as Marietta
Eric Cowley as Ferdy Oliphant
Joyce Kennedy as Mrs. Oliphant

Director: J. Elder Wills

UK | 90 minutes | 1937



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