Blanche Fury | 1948 | Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger

Blanche Fury | 1948 | Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger

Gothic tale Blanche Fury follows the title character (Valerie Hobson), a poor governess, as she marries into prosperity and establishes herself as the mistress of a large estate, only to begin a boiling romance with brooding stable-hand Philip Thorn (Stewart Granger). Thorn aspires to be the master of the estate, so he and Blanche plot to do away with her husband. The movie was based on the 1939 novel about the Rush Murders by Marjorie Bowen, who wrote under the nom de plume of Joseph Shearing.

Valerie Hobson as Blanche Fury
Stewart Granger as Philip Thorn
Michael Gough as Laurence Fury
Walter Fitzgerald as Simon Fury
Susanne Gibbs as Lavinia
Maurice Denham as Maj. Fraser
Sybille Binder as Louisa
Ernest Jay as Calamy
Townsend Whitling as Banks
J. H. Roberts as Doctor
Allan Jeayes as Mr. Weatherby
Edward Lexy as Col. Jenkins
Arthur Wontner as Lord Rudford
Amy Veness as Mrs. Winterbourne
Cherry London as Molly
George Woodbridge as Aimes
Lionel Grose as Jordon
Bryan Herbert as Elliot
Margaret Withers as Mrs. Hawkes
Norman Pierce as Coroner
Wilfrid Caithness as Clerk of Court
James Dale as Judge
Cecil Ramage as Prosecuting Counsel
David Ward as First Clerk
Sidney Benson as Second Clerk
M.E. Clifton James as Prison Governor
Michael Brennan as Farmer
Charles Saynor as Second Farmer
Alexander Field as Third Farmer
Marie Ault as Old Gypsy

Director: Marc Allégret
Script: Audrey Erskine-Lindop, Cecil McGivern, Hugh Mills

UK | 90 minutes | 1948



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