Blind Date | 1959 | Hardy Krüger, Stanley Baker,

Blind Date | 1959 | Hardy Krüger, Stanley Baker,

A strangely unfulfilling mystery yarn from Losey, with Krueger as the painter who is framed for the murder of his girlfriend and has to prove his innocence when the cops come calling. One of those films that starts out well, opting wisely for character development in favour of cheap thrills, but unfortunately this proves to be the film’s downfall as it simply becomes bogged down after a while in dull dialogue which does little to further the plot along. Still, Hardy Krueger gives a convincing performance as the would-be suspect. Also known as Chance Meeting.

Hardy Krüger as Jan-Van Rooyer
Stanley Baker as Insp. Morgan
Micheline Presle as Jacqueline Cousteau
John Van Eyssen as Insp. Westover
Gordon Jackson as Sergeant
Robert Flemyng as Sir Brian Lewis
Jack MacGowran as Postman
Redmond Phillips as Police doctor
George Roubicek as Police constable
Lee Montague as Sgt. Farrow

Director: Joseph Losey
Script: Leigh Howard, Ben Barzman, Millard Lampell

UK | 95 minutes | 1959



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