Cairo Road | 1950 | Eric Portman, Laurence Harvey

Cairo Road | 1950 | Eric Portman, Laurence Harvey

Filmed on location in Cairo, Port Said and the Suez, this is a British thriller about police taking on drug smugglers in Egypt. Two men head up Britain’s Anti-Narcotic Bureau, with a brief to track down and stop drug smugglers. Here, they are tackling a global racket that aims to enslave the world to dope addiction. To this end the villains have already brought their own brand of misery to thousands upon thousands of people in the Middle East.

Eric Portman and his enthusiastic, bumbling sidekick Laurence Harvey start to investigate a murder that leads them on to the trail of the smugglers and encounters with Egyptian femme fatale Camelia before they end up facing down the killers in a thoroughly exciting climax.

Eric Portman as Col. Youssef Bey
Laurence Harvey as Lt. Mourad
Harold Lang as Rico Pavlis
Grégoire Aslan as Lombardi
Karel Stepanek as Edouardo Pavlis
John Bailey as Mental Hospital Doctor
Martin Boddey as Maj. Ahmed Mustafa
John Gregson as Coast Guardsman
Marne Maitland as Gohari
John Harvey as Maj. Maggoury
Oscar Quitak as Bedouin boy
Abraham Sofaer as Commandant
Ferdy Mayne as Doctor, Port Said
Peter Jones as Ship’s Lieutenant
Eric Pohlmann as Ship’s captain
Reginald Dyson as Prison governor
Arnold Diamond as Police major
Thomas Gallagher as Farghali
Michael Godfrey as Hassan
Walter Gotell as Prison Officer
Harold Jaffa as Veterinary Surgeon
Dennis Val Norton as Police Doctor
Alan Tilvern as Photographer
Maria Mauban as Marie

Art Direction: Duncan Sutherland
Director Of Photography: Oswald Morris
Costume Design: Jacques Heim
Director: David Macdonald
Editor: Peter Taylor
Original Music Composer: Robert Gill
Screenplay: Robert Westerby

UK | 83 minutes | 1950



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