Callan | 1974 | Edward Woodward Eric Porter

Callan | 1974 | Edward Woodward Eric Porter

Overdue big-screen outing for the popular long-running TV series which adds little to the small-screen exploits of Edward Woodward as the ex-secret agent specializing in rubbing out the bad guys. Director Don Sharp tries a little too hard to shake off the material’s TV origins, but his adaptation is still surprisingly innovative and gripping, while Woodward plays his complex character admirably even though the part is not quite up to the Harry Palmer standard.

Edward Woodward as David Callan
Eric Porter as Hunter
Carl Möhner as Schneider
Catherine Schell as Jenny
Peter Egan as Toby Meres
Russell Hunter as Lonely
Kenneth Griffith as Waterman
Michael Da Costa as The Greek
Veronica Lang as Liz, Hunter’s Secretary
Clifford Rose as Dr. Snell
David Prowse as Arthur
Don Henderson as George
Nadim Sawalha as Padilla
David Graham as Wireless Operator
Yuri Borienko as Security Porter
Peter Symonds as Smart Security Man
Raymond Bowers as Shabby Security Man
Joe Dunlop as Policeman
Mollie Maureen as Old Lady in the Strand

Director: Don Sharp
Script: James Mitchell

UK | 106 minutes | 1974



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