Carry On Abroad | 1972 | Sid James, Kenneth Williams

Carry On Abroad | 1972 | Sid James, Kenneth Williams

As the tagline said, it’s about "The holiday of a laugh-time". Sid James and a group of British holiday-makers head for the Spanish resort of Elsbels, to be met by rep Kenneth Williams

From the moment the key characters are introduced, you know what you’re in for. Sid James and Joan Sims play Vic and Cora Flange. Actually, hang on. From the moment you see the words "Carry On…" you know what you’re in for. Innuendo, punning, slapstick, campness, unsubtle satire and a whole overflowing suitcase of music-hall hangovers.

This time it’s package holidays that get the treatment. A coachload of Brits head for the Spanish resort of Elsbels for a holiday in the sun. Instead they get a half-finished hotel, awful weather and holiday rep Stuart Farquhar (Williams) desperate to arrange a satisfactory holiday.

One of the finest Carry On films, the whole ensemble is present and correct. Charles Hawtrey giggles and boozes, Barbara Windsor is her usual miniature sex bomb, Bernard Bresslaw is a local monk, Joan Sim is a nagging wife, Kenneth Connor a stiff, military type, while Kenneth Williams, as limp as a lettuce that’s been left in the sun, oohs and titters to perfection. And, at the heart of it all, is Sid James, chuckling crudely, oggling and making mischief.

Sid James as Vic Flange
Kenneth Williams as Stuart Farquhar
Charles Hawtrey as Eustace Tuttle
Joan Sims as Cora Flange
Bernard Bresslaw as Brother Bernard
Barbara Windsor as Sadie Tomkins
Kenneth Connor as Stanley Blunt
Peter Butterworth as Pepe
Jimmy Logan as Bert Conway
June Whitfield as Evelyn Blunt
Hattie Jacques as Floella
Derek Francis as Brother Martin
Sally Geeson as Lily
Ray Brooks as Georgio
Carol Hawkins as Marge

Director: Gerald Thomas
Script: Talbot Rothwell

UK | 88 minutes | 1972



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