Carry on Again Doctor | 1969 | Sid James, Kenneth Williams,

Carry on Again Doctor | 1969 | Sid James, Kenneth Williams,

British humour at its most parochial, this medical comedy is full of the ‘fnnarr fnnarr’ humour, smutty jokes and raucous slapstick that characterised 1959’s Carry On Nurse and 1967’s Carry On Doctor, not to mention the rest of the long-running series.

In a desperate attempt not to cover the same ground as its hospital-set predecessors, Carry On Again Doctor shares the action between Long Hampton hospital, where Dr Nookey (Dale) is causing chaos, and the Beatific Islands, where he’s despatched as a missionary after being kicked out of the ward for drunken behaviour.

Jumping between the medical comedy of Carry On Doctor and the British Empire gags of Carry On Up The Jungle and Carry On Up The Khyber, this is something of a mixed bag with the best laughs coming in the ward scenes where discussion of symptoms, from bowel movements to flatulence, mine the usual reservoir of Carry On toilet humour. Less interesting are the South Sea Island scenes, which turn out to be little more than an excuse to put some female flesh on display while Dr Nookey discovers a slimming tonic that, he hopes, will make him a billionaire.

Overall, the humour is strained even by Carry On standards and while the performances from Dale, Williams, Windsor and, in particular Sid James, are all excellent, the gag-writing ability of regular scribe Talbot Rothwell means they don’t seem to seem to be doing anything other than treading water.

Sid James as Gladstone Screwer
Kenneth Williams as Frederick Carver
Charles Hawtrey as Doctor Ernest Stoppidge
Jim Dale as Doctor Jimmy Nookey
Joan Sims as Ellen Moore
Barbara Windsor as Goldie Locks
Hattie Jacques as Matron
Patsy Rowlands as Miss Fosdick
Peter Butterworth as Shuffling Patient
Elizabeth Knight as Nurse Willing
Alexandra Dane as Stout Woman
Peter Gilmore as Henry
Pat Coombs as New Matron
Patricia Hayes as Mrs. Beasley
William Mervyn as Lord Paragon

Director: Gerald Thomas
Script: Talbot Rothwell

UK | 85 minutes | 1969



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