Carry On Matron | 1972 | Sid James, Kenneth Williams

Carry On Matron | 1972 | Sid James, Kenneth Williams

Reasonably amusing fourth and final medical outing from the Carry On team, with Sid James still on cackling fine form. The real rot set in shortly afterwards

There is definitely something about British films and hospitals. Add the Doctor series to the four medical Carry Ons and throw in Lindsay Anderson’s Britannia Hospital for good measure., and you have more than a trend. Of course, in Carry On terms it was an excuse to squeal "Ooooh matron."

Carry On Matron is at the tail end of proper Carry On films: the essential cast members are still around, even if Charles Hawtrey’s appearance is fleeting. The plot – in as much as there is one – is a typical Carry On attempt to stay up with the times, involving a scheme by Sid James to steal contraceptive pills.

Kenneth Williams – who was probably better as a patient – is surgeon Sir Bernard Cutting, with Hattie Jacques, of course, as the matron. The best bit comes not with any of the patented saucy gags, but a long and involved discussion about London bus routes. It is intermittently funny rather than consistently hilarious, but it has its charms, unlike the late Carry On films which were to follow.

Sid James as Sid Carter
Kenneth Williams as Sir Bernard Cutting
Charles Hawtrey as Dr. Francis A. Goode
Joan Sims as Mrs. Tidey
Hattie Jacques as Matron
Bernard Bresslaw as Ernie Bragg
Kenneth Cope as Cyril Carter
Terry Scott as Dr. Prodd
Barbara Windsor as Nurse Susan Ball
Kenneth Connor as Mr. Tidey
Jacki Piper as Sister
Bill Maynard as Freddy
Patsy Rowlands as Evelyn Banks
Derek Francis as Arthur
Amelia Bayntun as Mrs. Jenkins

Director: Gerald Thomas
Script: Talbot Rothwell

UK | 87 minutes | 1972



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