Carry On Screaming | 1966 | Harry H. Corbett, Kenneth Williams

Carry On Screaming | 1966 | Harry H. Corbett, Kenneth Williams

One of the most consistently funny Carry On films sees the old horrors of cheap British comedy sending up the cheap British horror of Hammer films.

Not as subtle as Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, but still an impeccable send-up of Hammer and Universal horror films by the Carry On gang.

When Potter’s (Dale) girlfriend disappears, Detective Bung (Corbett) is placed in charge of the case. With his faithful but dim-witted assistant Slowbotham (Butterworth), they investigate. Their clues lead them to the Bide-a-Wee rest home, where they encounter the sinister Dr Watt (Williams) and his equally strange sister. Bung interviews Dr Watt, who, despite having died some years previously, is able to assist the detectives in their search. What he doesn’t let on, though, is that he is responsible for not only this disappearance, but also that of several others – all young and pretty girls.

With a horde of monsters, ghouls and very bad sets, this is certainly one of the funnier Carry On’s. Fielding’s Gauloise-stained voice never sounded better.

Harry H. Corbett as Sidney Bung
Kenneth Williams as Orlando Watt
Jim Dale as Albert Potter
Charles Hawtrey as Dan Dann
Fenella Fielding as Valeria Watt
Joan Sims as Emily Bung
Angela Douglas as Doris Mann
Bernard Bresslaw as Sockett
Peter Butterworth as Detective Constable Slobotham
Jon Pertwee as Doctor Fettle
Michael Ward as Mr. Vivian
Tom Clegg as Oddbod
Billy Cornelius as Oddbod Junior
Norman Mitchell as Cabby
Frank Thornton as Mr. Jones
Frank Forsyth as Desk Sergeant
Marianne Stone as Mrs. Parker

Director Of Photography: Alan Hume
Director: Gerald Thomas
Editor: Rod Nelson-Keys
Producer: Peter Rogers
Original Music Composer: Eric Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell

UK | 87 minutes | 1966



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