UK / BBC One (for the Play for Today strand) / 1×75 minute episode / Broadcast 5 December 1977

Writer: Stewart Parker / Music: Shaun Davey / Production Design: Chris Edwards / Script Editor: Michael Heffernan / Director: Robert Knights

Comedy drama with music. Roy and Martyn believe they can write the next Irish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest but after running foul of both the Irish and Loyalist sides for writing patriotic ballads for both of them, purely to earn a few bob of course, they find that tragedy awaits.

Stewart Parker wrote several plays during the 1970’s dealing with the troubles in Ireland, always managing to find some black humour in the situation, he was himself a Belfast resident.

Cast: SAM DALE as Martyn Semple / MAGGIE SHEVLIN as Marie Kyle / GERARD MURPHY as Roy Fletcher / FRANCES TOMELTY as Monagh / DONALD SUMPTER as Spalding / PAT LEAVY as Mrs Barker / DES KEOGH as comedian / MICHAEL DUFFY as promoter / PETER KELLY as Willi Zero / JUNE BOLTON as Lady MC / MAUREEN THORNTON as Meryl Shanks / MYLES SCOTT as floor manager / PAUL CLARK as DJ / DEREK LORD as Ian Playfair

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