Charley Moon | 1956 | Max Bygraves, Dennis Price

Musical starring Max Bygraves as a star who throws up his success to return to the countryside, where he joins a travelling circus.

Max Bygraves as Charley Moon
Dennis Price as Harold Armytage
Michael Medwin as Alf Higgins
Florence Desmond as Mary Minton
Shirley Eaton as Angel Dream
Patricia Driscoll as Rose
Charles Victor as Miller Moon
Reginald Beckwith as Vicar
Cyril Raymond as Stewart
Newton Blick as Monty Brass
Vic Wise as Solly Silvers
Lou Jacobi as
Eric Sykes as Brother-in-Law
Bill Fraser as Marber
Brian Oulton as Mr. Paxton
Stuart Saunders as Sid
Michael Dear as Young Soldier
Jane Asher as Benesta
Marianne Stone as Silvers’ Secretary
Lesley Scoble as Uncredited

Director: Guy Hamilton

UK | 89 minutes | 1956


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