Children of the Damned | 1964 | Ian Hendry, Alan Badel

Children of the Damned | 1964 | Ian Hendry, Alan Badel

The follow up to 1960’s Village Of The Damned, Children … opens up the action on a global scale. A new breed of super-children with telepathic powers and ultra intelligence threatens apocalypse as they fight the struggling adult authorities for world domination. The atmospheric opening promises much, but the tension of the film’s predecessor is foregone in favour of flabby ambition and insistence on preaching moral messages about the destiny of the human race. Hendry and Badel lend some depth and humour as duelling scientists, and the kids are spooky enough, like the pint-sized progeny of the Stepford Wives.

Ian Hendry as Col Tom Llewellyn
Alan Badel as Dr. David Neville
Barbara Ferris as Susan Eliot
Alfred Burke as Colin Webster
Sheila Allen as Diana Looran
Ralph Michael as Defense Minister
Patrick Wymark as Commander
Martin Miller as Prof. Gruber
Clive Powell as Paul
Yoke-Moon Lee as Mi Ling
Roberta Rex as Nina

Director: Anton Leader
Script: John Briley, John Wyndham

UK | 90 minutes | 1964



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