CINDERELLA (Junior Showtime)

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×40 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 31 December 1969 at 5.10pm

A special edition of Junior Showtime offering a music heavy take on Cinderella. Cinders and Buttons were played by Caroline Turner and Glyn Poole, both just 7 years old. Poole normally appeared with his six other siblings and this was his first solo appearance.

Choreography: Jean Pearce, Minnie Thompson / Music: Bryan Rodwell / Production Design: Ian McCrow / Executive Producer: Jess Yates / Director: David Millard

Cast: Caroline Turner (Cinderella), Glyn Poole (Buttons), Bobby Bennett (Baron), Nicola Croydon (Prince), Diane Mewse (Dandini), Marjorie Shipley (Ugly Sister), Julie Shipley (Uglyu Sister), Victoria Shannon (Fairy Godmother), The Junior Showtimers (Villagers and Courtiers)

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