Come on George! | 1939 | George Formby, Pat Kirkwood

Come on George! | 1939 | George Formby, Pat Kirkwood

Our George graduates from ice cream seller to jockey, and has to ride a vicious horse that has already attacked three other riders. He gets over his initial fear of the four-legged fiend with the help of a quack brain specialist. There are the inevitable baddies, car chases, ukuleles, songs and the girl for George to get. Formby was a stable hand before he became an entertainer, and he does all the riding here himself. The fact that he was a box office draw may baffle modern audiences, but there’s no doubt that his everyman appeal was at its peak here.

production details

UK | 88 minutes | 1939

Director: Anthony Kimmins
George Formby as George
Pat Kirkwood as Ann Johnson
Joss Ambler as Sir Charles Bailey – the owner of the racehorse ‘Maneater’
Meriel Forbes as Monica Bailey
Cyril Raymond as Jimmy Taylor
George Hayes as Bannerman
George Carney as Sergeant Johnson
Ronald Shiner as Nat
Gibb McLaughlin as Dr MacGregor
Hal Gordon as Stableboy
Davy Burnaby as Col. Bollinger
C. Denier Warren as Banker
James Hayter as Barker
Syd Crossley as Police Constable Cronley
Dirk Bogarde as Extra
Leo Franklyn as Bannerman’s Trainer




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