Countess Dracula | Hammer 1971 | Ingrid Pitt, Nigel Green

Countess Dracula | Hammer 1971 | Ingrid Pitt, Nigel Green

Ingrid Pitt turned up in a number of decent movies, but British cinema never used her talent adequately. This modest work in the Hammer canon gave her one of her few star parts, and she seizes it with appropriate relish. The Hungarian Countess Barthory believes that only the blood of young virgins will save her from aging – she doesn’t just drink the odd pint, but bathes in the blood of her tortured victims. She’s more insane sadist than fantastic vampire, and there’s a tone of genuine horror in this loosely adaptated story of the legendary widow. Eles is beguiling as the man she hopes to keep, and Sasdy directs with competence.

Ingrid Pitt as Countess Elisabeth Nodosheen
Nigel Green as Captain Dobi the Castle Steward
Sandor Elès as Lt. Imre Toth
Maurice Denham as Master Fabio, Castle Historian
Patience Collier as Julie Sentash the Nurse
Peter Jeffrey as Captain Balogh – Chief Bailiff
Lesley-Anne Down as Ilona Nodosheen, Elisabeth’s Daughter
Andrea Lawrence as Ziza
Susan Brodrick as Teri the Countess Chambermaid
Leon Lissek as Sergeant of Bailiffs
Niké Arrighi as Gypsy Girl
Marianne Stone as Kitchen Maid

Director: Peter Sasdy
Script: Alexander Paal, Peter Sasdy, Gabriel Ronap, Valentine Penrose, Jeremy Paul

UK | Hammer | 93 minutes | 1971



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