Danger Within | 1959 | Richard Todd, Bernard Lee

Danger Within | 1959 | Richard Todd, Bernard Lee

Ingenious combination of World War II prisoner-of-war escape film and whodunit, from the novel ‘Death in Captivity’ by Michael Gilbert. An effective mixture of suspense and comedy, resulting from both the depiction of the prisoners’ various efforts to break out of a British Officers’ prisoner-of-war camp in Northern Italy in 1943 and their efforts to track down the traitor in their midst who is betraying their plans to their captors.

Richard Todd as Lieutenant Colonel David Baird
Bernard Lee as Lieutenant Colonel Huxley
Michael Wilding as Captain ‘Bunter’ Phillips
Peter Arne as Capitano Benucci
Richard Attenborough as Capt. ‘Bunter’ Phillips
Michael Caine as Prisoner with Pin-Up (uncredited)

Director: Don Chaffey

UK | 101 minutes | 1959



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