Dunkirk | 1958 | John Mills, Richard Attenborough

Dunkirk | 1958 | John Mills, Richard Attenborough

The British ability to treat the two imposters of success and failure just the same is summed up by Dunkirk, the punishing WWII defeat from which Britain bounced back to enjoy its finest hour.

It’s appropriate that the task of recounting this tale should fall to Ealing, that most British of studios who, as the producers of Scott Of The Antarctic, had something of a track record when it came to cataloguing heroic national failure. Directed by Barry Norman’s father Leslie, Dunkirk marries two stories; on the one hand a band of British soldiers, led by John Mills’ Corporal Bins, are trying to make their way to the Belgian coast while – on the other – civilians – whose number includes Richard Attenborough’s John Holden – make the journey across the Channel to rescue the stranded squaddies.

John Mills as Cpl Tubby Bins
Richard Attenborough as John Holden
Bernard Lee as Charles Foreman
Robert Urquhart as Mike
Ray Jackson as Barlow
Meredith Edwards as Dave Bellman
Sean Barrett as Frankie
Victor Maddern as Merchant Seaman
Maxine Audley as Diana
Kenneth Cope as Lieutenant Lumpkin
Denys Graham as Fraser
Barry Foster as Don R
Cyril Raymond as General The Viscount Gort V.C.
Nicholas Hannen as Vice Admiral Ramsay
Roland Curram as Harper
Lionel Jeffries as Colonel – Medical Officer
Michael Bates as Froome
Harry Landis as Dr Levy
Bud Flanagan as Himself
Chesney Allen as Himself
Liz Fraser as Worker in Holden’s Factory (uncredited)

Art Direction: Jim Morahan
Director Of Photography: Paul Beeson
Camera Operator: Hugh Wilson
Costume Design: Ivy Baker
Makeup Artist: Roy Ashton
Special Effects: Fred Hellenburgh
Sound Recordist: Norman King
Director: Leslie Norman
Editor: Gordon Stone
Producer: Michael Balcon
Associate Producer: Michael Forlong
Music Director: Dock Mathieson
Sound Editor: Alastair Mcintyre
Sound Editor: Lionel Selwyn
Screenplay: David Divine
Screenplay: W.P. Lipscomb
Novel: Trevor Dudley Smith

UK | 134 minutes | 1958



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