Easy Money | 1948 | Jack Warner, Marjorie Fielding,

This portmanteau of stories is linked by following the fortunes of people who win a fortune on the football pools. Jack Warner, David Tomlinson, Dennis Price and Petula Clark star in the comedy-drama which reflects both the up – and downside of suddenly coming into money.

Jack Warner as Philip Stafford
Marjorie Fielding as Ruth Stafford
Yvonne Owen as Carol Stafford
Jack Watling as Dennis Stafford
Petula Clark as Jackie Stafford
Mabel Constanduros as Grandma Stafford
David Tomlinson as Martin Latham
Maurice Denham as Detective-Inspector Kirby
Mervyn Johns as Herbert Atkins
Greta Gynt as Pat Parsons
Dennis Price as Joe Henty
Joan Young as Agnes Atkins
Gordon McLeod as Mr. Cameron
Grey Blake as Wilson
Bill Owen as Mr. Lee
Edward Rigby as Edward Ball
Guy Rolfe as Archie
Raymond Lovell as Cyprus, the conductor

Director: Bernard Knowles

UK | 94 minutes | 1948


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