Fear in the Night | Hammer 1972 | Joan Collins, Peter Cushing

British B movie starring Ralph Bates as a teacher in an adulterous affair with headmaster’s wife Joan Collins. Together they plan to drive Bates’s wife, Judy Geeson, mad enough to kill Collins’ husband Peter Cushing.

Joan Collins as Molly Carmichael
Peter Cushing as Michael Carmichael
Judy Geeson as Peggy Heller
Ralph Bates as Robert Heller
James Cossins as The Doctor
Gillian Lind as Mrs. Beamish
Brian Grellis as 2nd Policeman
John Bown as 1st Policeman

Director: Jimmy Sangster
Script: Jimmy Sangster, Michael Syson

UK | Hammer | 94 minutes | 1972


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