Genevieve | 1953 | Kenneth More, John Gregson

Genevieve | 1953 | Kenneth More, John Gregson

One of those mid-50s British comedies that tried to convince (and succeeded) the viewer that all was sunny on the postwar home front, and that the middle classes really had nothing better to do than whizz around in big vintage cars all day. Genevieve is one such vehicle, taking part in the annual London to Brighton race, with Sheridan, More, Gregson and Kendall the on-road rivals. The plot takes second place to brilliantly crafted comic set pieces and shots of London and the leafy suburbs at their most attractive. Absolutely charming.

Dinah Sheridan as Wendy McKim
John Gregson as Alan McKim
Kay Kendall as Rosalind Peters
Kenneth More as Ambrose Claverhouse
Geoffrey Keen as Policeman
Reginald Beckwith as J. C. Callahan
Arthur Wontner as Old Gentleman
Joyce Grenfell as Hotel proprietress
Leslie Mitchell as Himself – Newsreel Commentator

Art Direction: Michael Stringer
Director Of Photography: Christopher Challis
Camera Operator: Ted Moore
Costume Design: Marjory Cornelius
Hairstylist: Helen Penfold
Makeup Artist: Paul Rabiger
Sound Recordist: C.C. Stevens
Sound Recordist: Gordon K. Mccallum
Director: Henry Cornelius
Script Supervisor: Yvonne Axeworthy
Editor: Clive Donner
Producer: Henry Cornelius
Original Music Composer: Larry Adler
Music Director: Muir Mathieson
Story: William Rose
Screenplay: William Rose

UK | 86 minutes | 1953



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