Get CARTER | 1971 | Michael Caine, Ian Hendry
Get Carter 1971 Michael Caine

Get CARTER | 1971 | Michael Caine, Ian Hendry

British gangster classic starring Michael Caine as the eminently quotable, ultimately tough Jack Carter Hard to believe that a major studio felt the need to remake this British gangster classic, which ranks up there with the likes of The Long Good Friday as one of the finest home grown films of the past 30 years.

Caine is the gangster who goes to Newcastle for his brother’s funeral and begins to suspect his death was no accident; cue edgy thrills and violence as he exacts revenge on the folks he believes responsible. Caine, as in the majority of his signature roles, is superbly armed with a set of eminently quotable one-liners (“You’re a big man, but you’re out of shape” tops the bill this time), and as emotionally detached and violently ruthless as Point Blank’s similarly vengeful Lee Marvin, while director Hodges paints a gritty, bleak picture of the gangster underworld.

Soap fans will be equally intrigued to see Coronation Street’s Alf Roberts (aka Bryan Moseley) being thrown off a roof.

UK | 112 minutes | Wednesday 3 March 1971

Michael Caine as Jack Carter
Ian Hendry as Eric
Britt Ekland as Anna
John Osborne as Kinnear
Tony Beckley as Peter
Bryan Mosley as Cliff Brumby
Geraldine Moffat as Glenda
Petra Markham as Doreen
George Sewell as Con
Alun Armstrong as Keith
Rosemarie Dunham as Edna
Glynn Edwards as Albert Swift
Bernard Hepton as Thorpe
Terence Rigby as Gerald Fletcher
John Bindon as Sid Fletcher
Godfrey Quigley as Eddie
Ben Aris as Architect
Kevin Brennan as Harry
Maxwell Deas as Vicar (as Maxwell Dees)
Liz McKenzie as Mrs. Brumby
John Hussey as Architect
Kitty Atwood as Old Woman (as Kitty Attwood)
Denea Wilde as Pub Singer
Geraldine Sherman as Girl in Café
Joy Merlyn as Woman in Post Office
Yvonne Miklosh as Woman in Post Office (as Yvonne Michaels)
Alan Hockey as Scrapyard Dealer
Karl Howard as ‘J’ (as Carl Howard)

art department
Assheton Gorton as production design
Roger King as art direction

Wolfgang Suschitzky as director of photography

costume & make-up
Evangeline Harrison as costume designer
George Partleton as makeup artist

Mike Hodges as director

John Trumper as editor

Michael Klinger as producer
Michael Caine as producer

sound department
Roy Budd as composer
Christian Wangler as sound recordist

Mike Hodges as writer
Ted Lewis as writer



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