Gift Horse | 1952 | Richard Attenborough, James Donald

Gift Horse | 1952 | Richard Attenborough, James Donald

The Gift Horse follows a ship and her crew from the time they come together in 1940 until the climactic Combined Operations raid on St Nazaire on March 28 1942. Trevor Howard plays the role of the newly appointed captain, back in service after having left the navy following a court martial.

Richard Attenborough as Dripper Daniels
James Donald as Lt. Richard Jennings, No. 1
Sonny Tufts as Yank Flanagan
Trevor Howard as Lt. Cmdr Hugh Alginon Fraser
Bernard Lee as A.S. ‘Stripey’ Wood
Dora Bryan as Glad Flanagan
Hugh Williams as Captain David G. Wilson
Robin Bailey as Lt. Michael Grant, Pilot
Meredith Edwards as Jones
John Forrest as Appleby the Captain’s Steward
Patric Doonan as Petty Officer Martin
Sid James as Ned Hardy, Landlord Golden Bull
Harold Siddons as Adm. Bartlett

Director: Compton Bennett
Script: William Rose, William Fairchild, Hugh Hastings, Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts

UK | 95 minutes | 1952



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