Gone to Earth | 1950 | Jennifer Jones, David Farrar

Gone to Earth | 1950 | Jennifer Jones, David Farrar

Powell’s and Pressburger’s visually ravishing and feral take on Mary Webb’s romantic novel was rereleased in the States as Wild Heart, with additional footage directed by Mamoulian yet at an abridged 82 minutes. Challis’s brooding photography perfectly conveys the dilemma that the wild and romantic gypsy heroine Hazel Woodus (Jennifer Jones) finds herself in when she bucks the safe domestic set-up with minister husband (Cyril Cusack) to embark on a passionate love affair with the vicar (David Farrar).

It may seem over the top, and Jones’s rural accent bizarre, but Gone To Earth is a powerful and sensual film that goes to the heart of desire itself.

Jennifer Jones as Hazel Woodus
David Farrar as John Reddin
Cyril Cusack as Edward Marston
Sybil Thorndike as Mrs. Marston
Edward Chapman as Mr. James
Esmond Knight as Abel Woodus
Hugh Griffith as Andrew Vessons
George Cole as Cousin Albert

Director Of Photography: Christopher Challis
Producers and Directors: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Editor: Reginald Mills
Original Music Composer: Brian Easdale
Novel: Mary Webb
Screenplay: Michael Powell

UK | 110 minutes | 1950



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