Good Morning, Boys! | 1937 | Will Hay, Martita Hunt

Good Morning, Boys! | 1937 | Will Hay, Martita Hunt

A flustered incompetent in a mortar board. A gang of crooks foiled by pure luck. It must be Will Hay, private joy of headmasters of failing schools everywhere, the patron saint of people who aren’t qualified to do their own jobs. Here the education authority is about to force the resignation of Hay’s Dr Benjamin Twist, when mass cheating in an examination produces results so perfect that the boys are invited to Paris to receive the praise of French educationalists. Instead they get involved with an art heist – the theft of the Mona Lisa, no less – thanks to the criminal ambition of a pupil’s father.

Will Hay as Dr. Benjamin Twist
Martita Hunt as Lady Bogshott
Fewlass Llewellyn as The Dean
Mark Daly as Arty Jones
C. Denier Warren as Minister of Education
Will Hay Jr. as Clarence
Basil McGrail as Watson
Jacques Brown as Manager
Lewis Broughton as Dr. Simpson (uncredited)
Richard Todd as Extra in crowd scene (uncredited)
Clive Dunn as Minor Role (uncredited)
Lilli Palmer as Yvette
Graham Moffatt as Albert Brown
Peter Gawthorne as Col. Willougby-Gore
Charles Hawtrey as Septimus

Director: Marcel Varnel
Script: Marriott Edgar Val Guest Leslie Arliss Anthony Kimmins

UK | 79 minutes | 1937



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