Green for Danger | 1946 | Alastair Sim, Trevor Howard
Green For Danger, 1946, Alastair Sim

Green for Danger | 1946 | Alastair Sim, Trevor Howard

Slick and extremely witty comedy thriller from director-producer-screenwriter duo Launder and Gilliat.

In a rural hospital during the Second World War a nurse discovers that a postman who died while undergoing a routine operation was in fact murdered. When she herself is bumped off, in comes Scotland Yard’s finest, Inspector Cockrill (Alastair Sim).

He sets out to uncover the killer, who is one of the five doctors and nurses present in the operating theatre that day. Full of clever direction and excellent performances from Howard, Gray, John and especially Sim.

UK | 91 minutes | Release Date: Saturday 7 December 1946

Leo Genn as Mr. Eden
Alastair Sim as Inspector Cockrill
Trevor Howard as Dr. Barnes
Sally Gray as Nurse Freddi Linley
Rosamund John as Nurse Esther Sanson
Judy Campbell as Sister Marion Bates
Megs Jenkins as Nurse Woods
Ronald Adam as Dr. White
George Woodbridge as Detective Sgt. Hendricks
John Rae as Porter
Henry Edwards as Mr. Purdy
Moore Marriott as Joseph Higgins
Frank Ling as Rescue Worker
Wendy Thompson as Sister Carter

Peter Proud as production designer
William Hutchinson as art director

Wilkie Cooper as director of photography

costume & make-up
Rahvis as costume designer

Sidney Gilliat as director
Percy Hermes as assistant director

Thelma Connell as editor

Bert Bates as production manager
Herbert Smith as executive producer

William Alwyn as original music composer

Christianna Brand as original author
Sidney Gilliat as scriptwriter
Claude Guerney as scriptwriter



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