Half a Sixpence | 1967 | Tommy Steele Julia Foster

Half a Sixpence | 1967 | Tommy Steele Julia Foster

This shallow musical was based on an H G Wells story and stars Steele, once touted as Britain’s answer to Elvis only to turn family-entertainment man. He plays the witless Arthur Kipps, an orphan working for a cruel boss, who tries to crash high society when a wealthy grandfather dies and leaves him a fortune. Undeniably colourful and annoyingly energetic, there is plenty of flash, bang and wallop, but very little warmth or soul, the hapless star attempting to carry the film by grinning goonishly throughout.

Tommy Steele as Arthur Kipps
Julia Foster as Ann
Cyril Ritchard as Harry Chitterlow
Penelope Horner as Helen
Elaine Taylor as Victoria
Queenie Watts as Singer
Aleta Morrison as Laura
Pamela Cundell as Pub Character

Director: George Sidney
Script: Beverley Cross

UK | 143 minutes | 1967



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