Hands of the Ripper | Hammer 1971 | Eric Porter, Angharad Rees

Hands of the Ripper | Hammer 1971 | Eric Porter, Angharad Rees

This Hammer shocker has an original premise -: daughter of Jack the Ripper becomes possessed by the spirit of her dead father and carries on where he left off, only to remember nothing of her murderous actions afterwards. However, it descends into standard slasher territory after a while, with the inevitable cavalcade of bloody murders taking over from the shocks and atmosphere. It’s a pity, as the film starts out promisingly.

Eric Porter as Dr. John Pritchard
Angharad Rees as Anna
Jane Merrow as Laura
Keith Bell as Michael Pritchard
Derek Godfrey as Dysart
Dora Bryan as Mrs. Golding
Marjorie Rhodes as Mrs. Bryant
Barry Lowe as Mr. Wilson
Lynda Baron as Long Liz
Marjie Lawrence as Dolly
Norman Bird as Police Inspector
Margaret Rawlings as Madame Bullard
Elizabeth MacLennan as Mrs. Wilson
A.J. Brown as Rev Anderson
April Wilding as Catherine
Anne Clune as 1st Cell Whore

Director: Peter Sasdy
Script: Edward Spencer Shew L.W. Davidson

UK | Hammer | 85 minutes | 1971



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