Hue and Cry | Ealing 1947 | Alastair Sim, Harry Fowler,

Hue and Cry | Ealing 1947 | Alastair Sim, Harry Fowler,

Eccentric boys’ adventure writer Felix H Wilkinson (Sim) has his copy – "The Enthralling Adventures of Selwyn Pike and his Youthful Assistant Smiler" – altered by master crooks, using a special code through the pages of kids’ comic ‘Trump’. Only sharp-eyed schoolboy Joe Kirby (Fowler) seems to have noticed, but fails to convince a sceptical Detective Inspector Ford (Lambert).

Undeterred, Kirby enlists the help of a gang of bombsite-dwelling little cockneys, the self-styled ‘Blood and Thunder Boys’ to up-end the criminals’ dastardly plans. Wilkinson is persuaded to alter his copy and catch the robbers, headed by Kirby’s boss Nightingale (Jack Warner, cast against type as a baddie), and Trump secretary Rhona Watson (White).

Alastair Sim as Felix H. Wilkinson
Harry Fowler as Joe Kirby
Jack Warner as Nightingale
Jack Lambert as Ford
Valerie White as Rhona
Joan Dowling as Clarry
Douglas Barr as Alec

Director Of Photography: Douglas Slocombe
Director: Charles Crichton
Producer: Michael Balcon
Screenplay: T. E. B. Clarke

UK | Ealing | 82 minutes | 1947



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