I Don’t Want to Be Born | 1975 | Joan Collins, Donald Pleasence

I Don’t Want to Be Born | 1975 | Joan Collins, Donald Pleasence

Cursed by a dwarf, retired stripper Lucy Carlesi gives birth to a monster flesh-ripping baby. A British mix of The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby and It’s Alive from Hammer horror director, Peter Sasdy.

Ex go-go dancer Lucy Carlesi (Joan Collins) and her Italian husband Gino (Ralph Bates with bizarre accent) are expecting their first child. However, following an agonising and lengthy labour, Lucy gives birth to a surprisingly large baby. The strangely hostile child starts to show early signs of alarming violence and becomes hysterical when blessed by Sister Albana (Eileen Atkins). It’s not long before the seemingly possessed little fellow goes on a blood-spraying rampage.

It’s all because Lucy had refused the lecherous advances of her former stage partner, a dwarf (and aren’t they always up to such devious witchery?). Sister Albana must find the demonic dwarf and save the child’s soul.

From the director of Hammer favourites Taste The Blood Of Dracula, Countess Dracula and Hands Of The Ripper, this consistently entertaining and eerie shocker develops a real sense of the ridiculous. Like so many 70s UK horror films, I Don’t Want To Be Born has a dated sensibility to it that now feels endearing, featuring decapitation, drowning, hanging, a dubbed Caroline Munro, the sublime Donald Pleasence and a never-ending dwarf cardiac arrest!

Joan Collins as Lucy Carlesi
Donald Pleasence as Dr. Finch
Ralph Bates as Gino Carlesi
Caroline Munro as Mandy Gregory
Eileen Atkins as Sister Albana
Hilary Mason as Mrs. Hyde
John Steiner as Tommy Morris
Janet Key as Jill Fletcher
George Claydon as Hercules

Director Of Photography: Kenneth Talbot
Director: Peter Sasdy
Editor: Keith Palmer
Producer: Norma Corney
Executive Producer: Nato De Angeles
Music: Ron Grainer
Screenplay: Stanley Price
Original Story: Nato De Angeles

UK | 95 minutes | 1975



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