Kaleidoscope | 1966 | Warren Beatty, Susannah York

The 1960s penchant for split screens, trick effects, shooting from behind objects and generally distracting the viewer from the action has made many of the thrillers, westerns and comedies of the decade unwatchable. Smight’s comedy thriller is but one example. He and cameraman Challis contrive to obscure the story of a clever gambler (Beatty) who infiltrates a playing-card factory and tampers with the goods, thus gaining an edge in international casinos. On his way to a fortune he falls in love with a policeman’s daughter (York) while running foul of the inspector (Revill). It’s colourful, full of plot, and a hazard to the eyes.|NULL|From London to the Riviera, a hair-raising tale of gallant love and truly desperate adventure!

Warren Beatty as Barney Lincoln
Susannah York as Angel McGinnis
Clive Revill as Inspector ‘Manny’ McGinnis
Eric Porter as Harry Dominion
Jane Birkin as Exquisite Thing
Murray Melvin as Aimes
George Sewell as Billy
Yootha Joyce as Museum Receptionist

Director: Jack Smight
Script: Robert Carrington, Jane-Howard Carrington

UK | 103 minutes | 1966


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