Life at the Top | 1965 | Laurence Harvey, Jean Simmons

Life at the Top | 1965 | Laurence Harvey, Jean Simmons

Having married into north-country brass, Joe Lampton (Laurence Harvey) finds, a decade or so later, that life on top of the money tree is not that exciting. It’s hard to sympathize with Joe (or indeed anyone in this seedy tale), who may have shed a tear over the grisly death of his true love in the superior Room at the Top but recovered soon enough to fulfil his ambition.

The outcome of his boredom is an affair, but, as his disillusioned wife Susan (Jean Simmons) proves, that’s a game two can play. Despite a formidable cast, the big question – why bother? – hangs over the whole enterprise.

Laurence Harvey as Joe Lampton
Jean Simmons as Susan Lampton
Honor Blackman as Norah Hauxley
Michael Craig as Mark
Donald Wolfit as Abe Brown
Robert Morley as Tiffield
Margaret Johnston as Sybil
Ambrosine Phillpotts as Mrs. Margaret Brown
Allan Cuthbertson as George Aisgill
Paul A. Martin as Harry
Frances Cosslett as Barbara
Ian Shand as Ralph Hethersett
George A. Cooper as Graffham
Nigel Davenport as Mottram
Andrew Laurence as McLelland
Geoffrey Bayldon as Industrial Psychologist
Denis Quilley as Ben
David Oxley as Tim
David McKail as Oscar
Paul Whitsun-Jones as Keatley
Charles Lamb as Wincastle
Michael Newport as Newspaper Boy
Richard Leech as Doctor
Ingrid Anthofer as Stripper
Harry Fowler as Magic Beans Man
Hyma Beckley as Sherry Party Guest
Ernest Blyth as Election Agent
Pauline Chamberlain as Woman at Party
Edward Fox as Office Supervisor
Victor Harrington as Board Member
Aileen Lewis as Sherry Party Guest
Dido Plumb as Art Exhibitor Visitor

Director: Ted Kotcheff
Script: Mordecai Richler, John Braine

UK | 117 minutes | 1965



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