Lord Jim | 1965 | Peter O’Toole, James Mason

Richard Brooks’ adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s story stars Peter O’Toole as the title character, a British Merchant Sailor in the 19th century who is thrown out of the Navy and labelled a coward, a cross he bears for the rest of his life. Pretentious, complex and overlong, O’Toole’s one note performance is irritating and too earnest.

Better are the supporting cast, Eli Wallach and James Mason putting in exemplary work, and there is a lot of pleasure to be derived from the settings in the Asian jungles, Freddie Young’s stunning cinematography giving the film a depth and texture that Brooks and O’Toole can not.

production details
UK, US | 154 minutes | 1965

Production Design: Geoffrey Drake
Art Direction: Ernest Archer
Art Direction: William Hutchinson
Director Of Photography: Freddie Young
Camera Operator: Ernest Day
Key Grip: Michael Walter
Costume Design: Phyllis Dalton
Hairstylist: Gordon Bond
Makeup Artist: Charles E. Parker
Special Effects: Cliff Richardson
Special Effects: Wally Veevers
Director: Richard Brooks
Script Supervisor: Angela Martelli
Editor: Alan Osbiston
Producer: Richard Brooks
Original Music Composer: Bronislau Kaper
Music Editor: Peter Zinner
Screenplay: Richard Brooks
Novel: Joseph Conrad

Peter O’Toole as Lord Jim
James Mason as Gentleman Brown
Curd Jürgens as Cornelius
Eli Wallach as Der General
Daliah Lavi as Das Mächen ‘Juwel’
Jack Hawkins as Marlow
Akim Tamiroff as Schomberg
Andrew Keir as Brierly
Jack MacGowran as Robinson
Paul Lukas as Mr. Stein
Juzo Itami as Dain Waris
Tatsuo Saitô as Doramin
Ric Young as Malay
Noel Purcell as Captain Chester


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