Lucky Jim | 1957 | Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas

Lucky Jim | 1957 | Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas

Not really a good adaptation, considering Kingsley Amis’s superior satiric novel, this take by the Boulting Brothers ditches the book’s finer points in favour of farce and plenty of physical humour.

Nevertheless, judged on its own merits, Lucky Jim is often very enjoyable, following Ian Carmichael as the young university lecturer with an uncanny knack for getting into trouble with his dissatisfied girlfriend and the lecturer who is keeping a close eye on him. The jokes come fast and furious and any subtleties are ditched in a straight attack on the funny bone, which is mostly successful.

Ian Carmichael as Jim Dixon
Terry-Thomas as Bertrand Welch
Hugh Griffith as Professor Welch
Sharon Acker as Christine Callaghan
Jean Anderson as Mrs. Welch
Maureen Connell as Margaret Peel
Clive Morton as Sir Hector Gore-Urquhart
John Welsh as The Principal (as John Welch)
Reginald Beckwith as University Porter
Kenneth Griffith as Cyril Johns
Jeremy Hawk as Bill Atkinson
Ronald Cardew as Registrar
Penny Morrell as Miss Wilson
John Cairney as Roberts
Ian Wilson as Glee Singer
Charles Lamb as Contractor
Henry B. Longhurst as Professor Hutchinson (as Henry Longhurst)
Jeremy Longhurst as Waiter

Director: John Boulting
Novel: Kingsley Amis
Screenplay: Patrick Campbell

UK | 95 minutes | 1957



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