Luther | 1974 | Stacy Keach, Hugh Griffith

Luther | 1974 | Stacy Keach, Hugh Griffith

A biopic of religious figurehead Martin Luther, the man who caused uproar in the 16th Century by renouncing Catholicism and founding the Reformation movement. Based on John Osborne’s play, Stacy Keach plays Luther with skill and conviction, but the rest of the film fails to fly; Green’s pedestrian direction never allows it to shake off its theatrical origins and the result is earnest enough but doesn’t exactly make for captivating cinema. Only Keach keeps it together.

Stacy Keach as Martin Luther
Hugh Griffith as Tetzel
Judi Dench as Katharina

Director: Guy Green
Script: John Osborne

UK | 110 minutes | 1974



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