Madonna of the Seven Moons | 1945 | Phyllis Calvert, Stewart Granger

Phyllis Calvert stars as a woman who outwardly appears demure and self effacing, but who lives a wild secret life as a gypsy.

Phyllis Calvert as Maddalena
Stewart Granger as Nino
Patricia Roc as Angela
Peter Glenville as Sandro
John Stuart as Guiseppe
Reginald Tate as Ackroyd
Peter Murray-Hill as Logan (as Peter Murray Hill)
Dulcie Gray as Nesta
Alan Haines as Evelyn
Hilda Bayley as Mrs. Fiske
Evelyn Darvell as Millie
Nancy Price as Mama Barucci
Jean Kent as Vittoria
Amy Veness as Tessa
Robert Speaight as Priest
Eliot Makeham as Bossi
Danny Green as Scorpi
Helen Haye as Mother Superior

Director: Arthur Crabtree
Script: Margery Lawrence, Roland Pertwee

UK | 110 minutes | 1945


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