Major Barbara | 1941 | Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison

Major Barbara | 1941 | Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison

David Lean adapts Shaw’s play, casting Wendy Hiller as the Salvation Army major who gradually becomes disillusioned with missionary life when her wealthy father begins donating some of his fortune to the cause. At the same time, she is trying to reject the romantic intentions of Greek professor Adolphus (Rex Harrison), but in the end he is the one who proves to be her saviour. The message: capitalism always wins out in the end. Hiller and Harrison do well here, while Lean pulls off the tricky feat of opening out the action from its theatrical origins. Watch out, too, for Deborah Kerr’s debut.

Wendy Hiller as Major Barbara Undershaft
Rex Harrison as Adolphus Cusins
Robert Morley as Andrew Undershaft
Robert Newton as Bill Walker
Sybil Thorndike as The General
Emlyn Williams as Snobby Prince
Marie Lohr as Lady Britomart
Penelope Dudley-Ward as Sarah Undershaft
Walter Hudd as Stephen Undershaft
David Tree as Charles Lomax
Deborah Kerr as Jenny Hill
Donald Calthrop as Peter Shirley
Marie Ault as Rummy Mitchens
Cathleen Cordell as Mog Habbijam
Torin Thatcher as Todger Fairmile
Miles Malleson as Morrison
Felix Aylmer as James
Stanley Holloway as Policeman
S.I. Hsiung as Ling
Kathleen Harrison as Mrs. Price
Mary Morris as A Girl
Charles Victor as Bilton
O.B. Clarence as Pettigrew
Dane Gordon as Cast Member
Edward Rigby as Man on Quayside
George Bernard Shaw as Himself (in theatrical release print only)
Billy Wells as Minor Role

Director: Gabriel Pascal
Script: George Bernard Shaw

UK | 131 minutes | 1941



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