Mandy | 1952 | Phyllis Calvert, Mandy Miller

Mandy | 1952 | Phyllis Calvert, Mandy Miller

One of Alexander Mackendrick’s trio of fine movies concerned with childhood – in this case that of a deaf-mute girl, Mandy (Miller), whose parents are unable to cope with her disability. The film moves up a notch from this story of understandable middle-class angst as she enters a special school run by a visionary teacher (Hawkins) struggling against the inadequacies of funding. The sequences in the school, as the child frustratedly tries to speak, bear comparison with the great documentary Thursday’s Children, and the film ends bravely, conceding that dedication, not a miracle, will provide the answer.

Jack Hawkins as Dick Searle
Phyllis Calvert as Christine Garland
Terence Morgan as Harry Garland
Godfrey Tearle as Mr Garland senior
Mandy Miller as Mandy Garland
Marjorie Fielding as Mrs Garland senior
Nancy Price as Jane Ellis
Edward Chapman as Ackland
Patricia Plunkett as Miss Crocker
Eleanor Summerfield as Lily Tabor
Colin Gordon as Woollard (Junior)
Dorothy Alison as Miss Stockton

Director Of Photography: Douglas Slocombe
Director: Alexander Mackendrick
Editor: Seth Holt
Producers: Michael Balcon, Leslie Norman
Music: William Alwyn
Writer: Nigel Balchin
Screenplay: Jack Whittingham
Author: Hilda Lewis

UK | 93 minutes | 1952



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