McVicar | 1980 | Roger Daltrey, Adam Faith

Roger Daltrey co-produced and stars in this biographical drama about British bank robber John McVicar, labeled Britain’s public enemy number one in the 1960s. McVicar served more than 20 years in prison, where his defiance of rules and ingenious escape attempts with his cohort Walter Probyn (Adam Faith) made him a legendary nuisance. On one successful escape attempt, he returns to his old life, but his wife (Cheryl Campbell) and the son who barely knows him can’t keep him from returning to a life of crime, leading him back to prison.

The soundtrack to McVicar includes one of star Roger Daltrey’s biggest solo hits "Without Your Love," with musical help from The Who bandmates Pete Townsend and John Entwistle.

Roger Daltrey as John McVicar
Adam Faith as Walter Probyn
Cheryl Campbell as Sheila McVicar
Billy Murray as Joey Davis
Georgina Hale as Kate
Steven Berkoff as Ronnie Harrison
Brian Hall as Terry Stokes
Malcolm Tierney as Frank
Peter Jonfield as Bobby Harris
Matthew Scurfield as Streaky Jeffries
Tony Haygarth as Rabies
Ian Hendry as Hitchens
Tony Rohr as Bootsy
Harry Fielder as Aitch
Michael Feast as Cody
Leonard Gregory as Jimmy Collins
Joe Turner as Panda
Jeremy Blake as Ronnie Johnson
Anthony Trent as Tate
Terence Stuart as Sid
Malcolm Terris as Principal Officer
Anthony May as Billy
James Marcus as Sewell
Stephen Bent as Prison Warder

Director: Tom Clegg
Script: John McVicar, Tom Clegg

UK | 112 minutes | 1980


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