Mind Your Manners | BBC Comedy (1951) | Harry Hemsley, Peter Madden

“Mind Your Manners” is a comedy TV show that aired on BBC from January 13, 1951, to April 7, 1951. The show featured a total of 7 episodes, each with a duration of 10 minutes. Created by Cecil Madden, the writing was done by Jill Allgood and Henry Hemsley, with Jill Allgood serving as the producer.

The show revolves around the lives of a couple, Elsie and Peter, who constantly receive criticism from their young daughter whenever they misbehave. Unfortunately, the series had a bittersweet turn when the star of the show, Harry Hemsley, passed away before the final episode. Despite this, the show continued with another person providing an off-camera voice for Elsie.

The main cast of “Mind Your Manners” includes Harry Hemsley as Elsie, Peter Madden as Peter, and Irene Prador as Irene.

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