Mine Own Executioner | 1947 | Burgess Meredith, Dulcie Gray

Mine Own Executioner | 1947 | Burgess Meredith, Dulcie Gray

Felix Milne (Burgess Meredith) is a dedicated but reluctant psychoanalyst, tired of listening to other people’s mundane problems when he has plenty of his own at home. He is confronted with more of a challenge when Adam Lucien (Kieron Moore), a schizophrenic ex-POW, is persuaded to see him.

Out of his depth, Milne is drawn to help the desperate man by a sense of duty and a dangerous affinity. Strikingly filmed, sharply scripted (by Nigel Balchin, from his novel) and with exceptional performances, Kimmins’s film is a neglected gem of post-war British cinema.

Burgess Meredith as Felix Milne
Dulcie Gray as Patricia Milne
Michael Shepley as Peter Edge
Christine Norden as Barbara ‘Babs’ Edge
Kieron Moore as Adam Lucian
Barbara White as Molly Sinclair Lucian
Walter Fitzgerald as Walter Fitzgerald
Edgar Norfolk as Sir George Freethorne
John Laurie as Dr. James Garsten
Martin Miller as Dr. Hans Tautz
Clive Morton as Robert Paston
Joss Ambler as Julian Briant
Jack Raine as Inspector Pierce
Laurence Hanray as Dr. Lefage
Helen Haye as Lady Maresfield
John Stuart as Dr. John Hayling
Ronald Simpson as Mr. Grandison
Gwynne Whitby as Miss English
Malcolm Dalmayne as Charlie Oakes
Michael Hordern as uncredited
Jack Howarth as Party Guest
Geoffrey Sumner as Parkinson

Art Direction: William C. Andrews
Set Decoration: Anne Head
Director Of Photography: Wilkie Cooper
Camera Operator: Freddie Francis
Costume Design: Alan Haines
Hairstylist: Eileen Bates
Makeup Artist: John O’gorman
Sound Recordist: Alan Allen
Director: Anthony Kimmins
Editor: Richard Best
Producers: Anthony Kimmins, Jack Kitchin
Original Music Composer: Benjamin Frankel
Special Effects Supervisor: Cliff Richardson
Novel snd Script: Nigel Balchin

UK | 108 minutes | 1947



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