Boy on a Dolphin (1957, Sophia Loren, Alan Ladd)
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Boy on a Dolphin (1957, Sophia Loren, Alan Ladd)

Sophia Loren's American screen debut sees her play Phaedra, a sponge diver on a Greek island who discovers a sunken ship filled with artefacts, including a priceless ancient gold statue of a boy on a dolphin. She and her boyfriend Rhif (Jorge Mistral) enlist the help of American archaeologist James Calder (Alan Ladd) but he can't afford the asking price and Rhif turns to art collector Victor Parmalee (Clifton Webb). Phaedra, disgusted at their mercenary attitude, joins forces with Calder to raise the treasure for the Greek nation before Rhif and Calder can squirrel it away. Jean Negulesco's film is famous for the 'special effect' in which, for one scene, Loren had to walk in a trench so she didn't tower over the diminutive Ladd.

Director:  Jean Negulesco

Production Details

Tagline: An adventurous love story that will live 'til the seas run dry!
Genres: Romance, Adventure, Drama
Production Companies:  20th Century Fox



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