Electric Horseman, The (1979, Robert Redford, Jane Fonda)
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Electric Horseman, The (1979, Robert Redford, Jane Fonda)

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford star in Sydney Pollack's modern western, which is also a romantic comedy that takes a sideswipe at big business. Sonny Steele (Redford) is a former rodeo star who's now content to make a buck using his celebrity to promote breakfast cereal. But when the conglomerate he works for mistreats Rising Star, a top racehorse it has bought as a vanity project, Steele is outraged and decides to make off with the horse to protect it from further misery.

As he saddles up and rides the thoroughbred out of Las Vegas and into the desert, local TV newswoman Hallie Martin (Fonda) sniffs a story and sets off on his trail. But when she catches up with him, she gets more than either had bargained for... Also featuring a cameo from country music legend Willie Nelson, in his first big screen role.

Director:  Sydney Pollack
Producer:  Ray Stark
Cinematography:  Owen Roizman

Production Details

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Tagline: Tell me Norman… did you think it was going to be this tough to get rid of a pain in the ass like me? Ma'am, I had no idea.



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