Wilt (1989, Griff Rhys Jones, Mel Smith)
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Wilt (1989, Griff Rhys Jones, Mel Smith)

Middle aged teacher Henry Wilt (Jones) is obsessed with fantasies about murdering his wife (Alison Steadman) following a party Wilt finds himself lumbered with a blow up doll, disposing of it down a handy building site hole, not realising he has been seen Wilt thinks no more of it until he learns his wife has gone missing and Inspector Flint (Smith) is convinced he has murdered her and buried her on a building site.

Based on the stomach achingly funny novel by the legendary Tom Sharpe Wilt transfers reasonably well to the screen, a full on farce that isn't as good as the book but still packs in plenty of humour and good performances.

Smith and Jones, better known as sketch and full on comedy performances are actually very good "proper actors" too, backed up by the more than capable Alison Steadman and Diana Quick the movie fair rattles along, thanks in no small part to the fast paced script by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick (who are the men behind TV shows such as 2.4 Children, Jonathan Creek and One Foot in the Grave).

One of the finest comedy writers of the 20th century and definitely one of the funniest Tom Sharpe always pulls no punches with his subjects and here the liet motif of the movie is the bull nosed attitude of the police force, as personified by the walking cliché that is Inspector Flint who is determined to bring down Wilt at whatever cost.



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