Mr. Denning Drives North | 1951 | John Mills, Phyllis Calvert

Mr. Denning Drives North | 1951 | John Mills, Phyllis Calvert

Brisk comedy thriller starring John Mills who accidentally kills his daughter Eileen Moore’s crooked lover Herbert Lom and disposes of the body – and then faces danger when the corpse disappears.

John Mills as Tom Denning
Phyllis Calvert as Kay Denning
Eileen Moore as Liz Denning
Sam Wanamaker as Chick Eddowes
Herbert Lom as Mados
Raymond Huntley as Wright
Bernard Lee as Inspector Dodds
Russell Waters as Harry Stoper
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Woods
Freda Jackson as Ma Smith
Trader Faulkner as Ted Smith
Sheila Shand Gibbs as Matilda
Michael Shepley as Chairman of Court
Ronald Adam as Coroner
John Stuart as Wilson
Hugh Morton as Inspector Snell
David Davies as Chauffeur
Ambrosine Phillpotts as Miss Blade
Herbert C. Walton as Yardley
John Stevens as First Patrolman
Lyn Evans as Mr. Fisher
John Warren as Mr. Ash
Raymond Francis as Clerk of the Court
Edward Evans as Second Patrolman
Madge Brindley as Gypsy
Sam Kydd
Harry Terry as Gypsy

Director: Anthony Kimmins
Script: Alec Coppel

UK | 93 minutes | 1951



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