My Learned Friend | Ealing 1943 | Will Hay, Claude Hulbert

My Learned Friend | Ealing 1943 | Will Hay, Claude Hulbert

Will Hay’s final film (he actually died six years later but was plagued by ill health during this time), this darkly funny Ealing comedy has him as a lawyer who is one of the many targets of an escaped murderer seeking revenge on the folks who put him behind bars. As the bodies increase, so, too, does Hay’s paranoia, while the fun becomes increasingly frenetic all the way to the Harold Lloyd-esque finale atop Big Ben. A hilariously engaging romp.

Will Hay as William Fitch
Claude Hulbert as Claude Babbington
Mervyn Johns as Grimshaw
Laurence Hanray as Sir Norman
Aubrey Mallalieu as Magistrate
Charles Victor as ‘Safety’ Wilson
Ernest Thesiger as Ferris
Eddie Phillips as ‘Basher’ Blake
Leslie Harcourt as Barman
G.H. Mulcaster as Dr. Scudamore
Lloyd Pearson as Col. Chudleigh
Gibb McLaughlin as Butler
Maudie Edwards as Aladdin
Hyma Beckley as Bystander
Hy Hazell as Bit Part
Ronald Shiner as Man in Wilson’s Bar
H Victor Weske as Chinese Actor
Valerie White as
Ian Wilson as Stagehand

Directors: Will Hay, Basil Dearden
Script: Angus MacPhail, John Dighton

UK | 74 minutes | 1943



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