Never Come Back | BBC Drama (1990) | Nathaniel Parker, Suzanna Hamilton

Never Come Back is a period thriller serial that originally aired on BBC in 1990. The show follows the story of a journalist named Desmond Thorne, played by Nathaniel Parker, who is forced to go on the run during the outbreak of World War II. Desmond uncovers a political conspiracy and accidentally kills his girlfriend, resulting in him becoming a target. As he tries to evade capture, Desmond must navigate a dangerous and unpredictable world.

The show, consisting of three episodes with a runtime of 50 minutes each, was written by David Pirie and directed by Ben Bolt. The music for the series was composed by Stanley Myers.

Other cast members include Suzanna Hamilton as Anna Raven, James Fox, Jonathon Coy, Ingrid Lacey, and Martin Clunes.

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