Next to No Time | 1958 | Kenneth More, Betsy Drake

Charming, whimsical comedy starring Kenneth More as a hapless inventor who has to try and persuade a wealthy industrialist, Roland Culver, to invest in his scheme while on board the Queen Elizabeth, which is sailing for America. A superstition about the ship’s ‘lost’ hour every day inspires the introvert inventor.

Kenneth More as David Webb
Betsy Drake as Saul Wiener
Patrick Barr as Jerry Lane
Maureen Connell as Mary
Bessie Love as Becky Wiener
Reginald Beckwith as Warren
John Welsh as Steve, Bar Steward
Howard Marion-Crawford as Hobbs
Clive Morton as Wallis
John Laurie as Abercrombie, Scottish Director
Irene Handl as Mrs. Crowley, Greengrocer
Raymond Huntley as Forbes, Factory Supervisor
Ferdy Mayne as Mario
Sid James as Albert, Cabin Steward
Roland Culver as Sir Godfrey Cowan
Sandra Walden as Hester
Barbara Cavan as Miss Wilkes
Paul Whitsun-Jones as Lord
Fred Griffiths as Customer
Sally Travers as Mother
Eleanor Bryan as Susie
Valerie Buckley as Hester’s Girl Friend
Russell Waters as Clerk
Anthony Sagar as Ellis
Yvonne Buckingham as Mario’s Girl Friend
Joss Ackland as Turkish Bath Attendant

Writer and Director: Henry Cornelius

UK | 89 minutes | 1958


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