Oh, Mr. Porter! | 1937 | Will Hay, Moore Marriott

Oh, Mr. Porter! | 1937 | Will Hay, Moore Marriott

One person’s comedy may be another’s turn-off, but to those who cannot find joy in this comic masterpiece one can only extend condolences. This and at least four other Will Hay films come up fresh on every viewing, if only because of their relentless good humour (a characteristic shared by the sublime Stan and Ollie).

Hay may fuss too much, but supported by Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott he brings rich character to the village station at Buggleskelly. His bumbling attempts at efficiency -countered at every turn by his helpers – lack the surreal nature of his turns in some of his films (no headless horsemen here), but this remains a classic.

Will Hay as William Porter
Moore Marriott as Jeremiah Harbottle
Graham Moffatt as Albert Brown
Percy Walsh as Superintendent
Dave O’Toole as Postman
Sebastian Smith as Mr Trimbletow
Agnes Lauchlan as Mrs Trimbletow
Dennis Wyndham as Grogan/One Eyed Joe
Frederick Piper as Ledbetter
Frederick Lloyd as Minister

Director: Marcel Varnel
Script: Frank Launder

UK | 85 minutes | 1937



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