Otley | 1968 | Tom Courtenay, Romy Schneider

Otley | 1968 | Tom Courtenay, Romy Schneider

This British spy caper frequently tries too hard to please, and ultimately winds up very hit and miss. However, when it does succeed it’s very funny. The James Bond inspiration is all too obvious, as Tom Courtenay, taking on the role of suave secret agent solving the murder of a suspected smuggler, finds himself embroiled in blackmail, murder and some high-speed chases, while femme fatale Romy Schneider proves too hard to resist.

Tom Courtenay as Otley
Romy Schneider as Imogen
Freddie Jones as Philip Proudfoot
Fiona Lewis as Lin
Alan Badel as Sir Alex Hadrian
James Villiers as Hendrickson
Leonard Rossiter as Johnson
James Bolam as Albert
James Cossins as Jeffcot
James Maxwell as Rollo
Edward Hardwicke as Lambert
Ronald Lacey as Curtis
Phyllida Law as Jean
Geoffrey Bayldon as Insp. Hewitt
Frank Middlemass as Bruce
Sheila Steafel as Ground Stewardess
Paul Angelis as Constable
Jonathan Cecil as Man at Party
Georgina Simpson as Girl at Party
Marianne Stone as Woman at Party
John Savident as Businessman
Norman Shelley as Businessman
Robin Askwith as Kid
Kenneth Cranham as Kid
Robert Gillespie as Policeman

Director: Dick Clement
Script: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, Martin Waddell

UK | 91 minutes | 1968



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