Our Dora | ITV Sitcom (1956) | Dora Bryan, Helen Christie

“Our Dora” is a sitcom that aired on ITV in 1956. The show consisted of four 30-minute episodes and aired from September 18th to October 9th on Tuesdays at 9:00pm. The series was written by Reuben Ship and produced by Eddie Pola.

The story follows a GI Bride who returns to England after the death of her husband. The lead role of Dora was initially played by Dora Bryan, but she had to leave the series after four weeks due to the tragic death of her first child. The show continued the following week under the title “My Wife’s Sister” with Eleanor Summerfield taking over the lead role.

The main cast of “Our Dora” includes Dora Bryan as Dora, Helen Christie as Clara Hackett, and Martin Wyldeck as Charlie Hackett.

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